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What products do you offer?

Although Sweet Ada Dessert is the only product available for sale, we are working on additional family recipes that will be available soon!!!

What is Sweet Ada Dessert?

It's a chilled, soft, and flavorful multi-layered cake, sweet enough to please your "cravings" but light enough to make you want to eat more than one piece...

What are the ingredients in the Sweet Ada Dessert?

It is mainly made of milk products products and topped with chocolate shavings. We use products that contain or may contain: milk, eggs, wheat and soy.

Does Sweet Ada Dessert come in different flavors?

We can customize, upon request, your Sweet Ada Dessert by replacing the chocolate topping with alternatives such as cinnamon, sprinkles, nuts, or even your favorite candy/chocolate! 

Where can I get a Sweet Ada Dessert?

We deliver directly to your door but you can also find us at different local events in the Windermere and Winter Garden Areas.   

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most Orlando areas.

Do you charge a Delivery Fee?

We offer FREE delivery for Windermere/Winter Garden (Florida) in orders $30+. If you live outside these areas, contact us to find out pricing on delivery. We might have a promotion where we extend the FREE delivery to your area!

Where is your store located?

We are a mobile vendor and don't have a store front.  

Does Sweet Ada Dessert have any allergens?

We use products that contain or may contain: milk, eggs, wheat and soy.

How should Sweet Ada Dessert be stored?

It should be kept in the fridge (between 35°F and 38°F) or freezer (below 0°F) until consumed.

How long is Sweet Ada Dessert good for?

It can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days or in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.

How do I defrost my Sweet Ada Dessert?

You can move it from the freezer to the fridge the night before you'll consume it In case you forget to place it in the fridge, don't worry, take it out of the freezer and allow it to defrost at room temperature for 15-30 minutes. It'll be soft and flavorful as always!

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